Okay, so apple rolled out a Tablet/Reader/gaming console ?

As usual, whole  trolling around the web for something new just got myself up with this latest product Apple announced today.
no big deal ?! ohh, i actually said that. my mistake.
when i checked around about this product, and browsing a  few live webcasts the picture begun to take a specific shape about the product.Well, here we go. Apple calling this new product "iPad". Which is easily, can be used as a E-Reader. A Gaming device. A Tablet MAC pc actually. A social networking phenomenon.


Woah, that is something massive. according to some new sources, i eventually found out a little about the specifications of this device and tell you what. its HUGE !!

Let's start with the physical appearance first.
» a 9.7 inch IPS display, with full capacitance multi-touch (the same kind of touchscreen as the iPhone and iPod touch) *Droolsss .
»  It weighs around about 1.5lbs (680 grams).
»  and just give this a thought " half an inch thick (just under 7mm)" ? man, that be like some SEXY i mean.

Now comes the performance, Usability and connectivity 
»  Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "1GHz Apple A4" , that's what the brain inside this so-called Tablet which clearly indicates a great enhanced and fast performance is surely within the reach which may upset almost major number of Laptops and personal computer manufacturers.
»  Available soon in three variants - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
»  most importantly, Bluetooth 2.0 (with enhanced EDR)
» Wireless connectivity via Wi-fi N based ethernet inside.
» not to forget 3G (Third Generation) enabled tablet, which really complete and gracefully adds the charm into the core part of this device.
» Accelerometer,Ambient light sensor included.
» Digital compass, Assisted GPS. (if you loose your way)

Lifeline and other general features
»10 hours of battery back up which is slightly on and advantage note as compared to other netbooks in the market around which are offering around an 8 hours of battery back up leaving only a couple of them who just started to roll out a battery back up upto 10 hours.
» Standby Time, a Month.( Holy Crap, that's amazing.)
» support for all the existing iPhone applications
» access to the whole new iBook store which includes collaboration with some major publishers (e.g - McGraw hills etc.)
» support for iTunes music library.

well these are the main  features of this to be LAUNCHED device for general users. so, guess what are we waiting for? let me mail them and confirm when exactly are they rolling it out in the market domestic as well as international.



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