Nokia offering Free Ovi Maps, Sounds Game

Woah !
this be amazing now.
Last night i was doing some emailing and stuff on my brand new Nokia E72. Later i realized i have to actually check for a firmware update because of some filthy bluetooth issue with my Motorola s9 music stream.
a very good portray of the problem i am facing is mentioned on official nokia discussion forums.

you can easily recognize me there, with the alias - Dr_Spinn.
well, regardless to that issue let me put some lights on the thing which i noticed. once i tried checking for the updates for firmware and stuff. I got an unusual Nokia OVI maps update available?
I said, huh ?! i just got the phone like a week or so back.
Nevertheless, i downloaded the update and found it quite interesting and interactive. With a new user home screen,Menu items.
Its Fun.
But, hey wait a minute? Show ain't over yet.
I checked out, and found that this GPS Nokia ovi Maps navigation is FREEEEE to use for life.Let me repeat myself there, its FREE totally.
And, i am one of those lucky consumers who brought this E72 phone which is by default in the first list of smartphones supported to this new OVI maps.
check it out, you all.

have fun.


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