A New Phone, Giving Hard time already.

At last, after a hatious with Nokia Phones. I acutally brought one like a couple of days back and am already on a verge of getting disappointed again.
The Nokia E72, Business Phone. Its a treat for the people who needs on the go connectivity. However, i got a couple of issues already within a two days. am not sure, whats my future with this phone be like.

I posted my issue on Nokia Discussion forums, however the only solution i was given or prompted was to do a firmware update on it.
I spent like, whole of yesterday in doing so. nevertheless, ended up in re-flashing the same firmware all over again. I checked the official forums and found that the latest  version of the firmware is out, but not for certain countries yet.
i am seriously waiting for the firmware to be updated, than only i will be able to comment further on the phone.
Over and all, i find it a pretty neat and easy to user phone.
but, hey .. don't take it as a review  for the phone. I will post my experience within a couple of days completely.


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