NexusOne in India - Unofficially !!

I don't know what is wrong with these people, knowingly how dynamic the growth in Indian Market is  they are still afraid of launching their products in here.
Its kind of letting down to at least, geeks like me who really  want to keep in sync with the latest offerings these people have got.

Same thing happened when last month, Google "The Giant" rolled out their own marketed Android O.S phone namely "NexusOne" and clearly indicated their mind about doing big in the smartphone industry.

I was so excited about this whole new product launched by Google and so wanted to try it out before anyone gets it. (you know that feeling to be the first to buy that  thing !! blah blah blah !)

Though, i was really disappointed that the handset was only launched in U.S markets and a specific part of E.U.
I was like, WTF ?

okay, that was then. now its been like almost a month and still there is no news where we "Us Indians" get the chance of getting our hands on this new offering google offered rest of the world.

Though, while  crawling through .. i came across an article which directed to an online shopping website , which .. on the front page of the site itself says "Buy Google NexusOne for 33k" !!
that was interesting ,i queried a few about the site and it really is a nice E-cart website with a good rapport with the customers.
However, still the problem be if anything happens with that ordered model. you got to ship it back to U.S and stuff which is surely gonna be the pain in the a**.

well, hope Google listen to this and might offer us the Next Big thing .. later this year 2010 itself.



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