Guess, i'll be Back !

I know, it's been a while.
Year, the 2011 took me by surprise. And, the surprise is like neverEnding.
It's something like : I lost my Job, I had some problem. I got a new Job, then i lost the Job again. Now am doodling again, yes.
I mean, life couldn't be more predictable. Eh ?
What to say, right.
 " Life's a BITCH, but you gotta love it. "

(*Copyright by me, you may use this quote elsewhere or to boast about your reading skills online though a small credit to me won't make you look like a retard )
On that note, i am also working out on a new strategy to re-think on my brand "WebKetu" cause i still own that damn domain (Boo Yeah !)
so, hold up tight. Keep a watch, better remain in your shitholes and forking on your respective keyboards with your bleeding fingers.

Dell Studio 15 - homecoming !!!

                                             " I feel good. So So Good. "

these were the words came out of my mouth, when i received this new Studio 15 laptop which i ordered last month itself.
This surely is one of the most popular Laptop, at least in India. (Dell is one of the largest PC hardware manufacturer, Indeed)
So, this laptop runs on Intel Core i5 processor. Which is kind of a first for me. Intel just launched these processors last month in India. Reviews around the globe tells, it is a decent processor for a laptop. (Not that, i don't like it ..Jeez). This one has been named "Arrandale " by Intel Inc.
i went on for a 4GB DDR3 ram, instead of the orthodox 3Gb which was boxed with it. I made the changes in the configuration according to my needs and guess thats why i went for Dell over Toshiba. (no configuration option available in Toshiba, yet)

here are a few screenshots.
one running the game - Assassin's Creed. (amazing, huh ?)

Gmail became vowel-less, " hp y cn ndrstnd wht m rlly tlkng n hr"

So, it's been a month or so since i last made a post in this blog.
Well, a lot of evolutionary changes occured during this last month which i am really happy about.
Starting this new month on a strange note?
Why is that?
Let me put some light on that.
this morning when i was trying to check my EMail via google mail, i found it weird that the GMail frontpage is being expressed as in some sort of SMS text form (which we guys uses more often, to talk more in less characters). Jokes Apart, i did some investigations and found that the whole "vowels group consisting of A, E , I , O , U were missing only.
That means, even if i tried to type a mail or a Buzz in my inbox. There were no vowels, it was actually something like this.

Thnk y fr th mil y'v snt.
wll rspnd t th qry s sn s pssbl.

thnks nd rgrds

Lol. That is funny but weird. I checked on to the official blogpost. There was no official comments as such.
For an instant i thought there is something wrong in my Browser itself or some virus or something.

For a change, i tried to access the main page of GMail service and found it quite intriguing and annoying to see this.

It's funny as hell. But, this could be a new sort of a problem or issue for the internet users of third kind. (Likes of me)
Fortunately, after hitting a lot of blocks. Google finally posted an official comment on the GMail Blog stating :

"At 6:01 am Pacific Time, during routine maintenance at one of our datacenters, the frontend web servers in that particular datacenter started failing to render the letter 'a' for a subset of users. As error rates escalated, the strain spread to other datacenters. We worked quickly to avoid a cascading failure of the entire alphabet by implementing a stopgap solution that limited the damage to the letters 'a,' 'e,' 'i,' 'o,' and 'u.' As a result, we're experiencing Gmail’s first temporary vowel outage."

So, i was correct. It's just not some problem with my device or application here. It's the problem with the server itself.The Google team really failed to notify the root cause of the problem but guess vowels are back as far as my GMail is concerned.
Also, GMail team also confirmed that the issue is being observed by only the web users and IMAP or POP account users were unaffected.

the whole new definition to Google Mail, GMail Buzz

Well this was an expected feature from a long time now.
Google finally added some social networking into its classic and one of the most popular web mail service - GMail.
So, this morning when i was checking some mails on my google account as my phone wasn't connecting to 3G for some strange reason or two ? (Nokia E72 again, Grrrrrr !!). i found an interesting looking screen after logging into GMail, exactly after the authentication screen. I marked a screenshot, can take a look at the image below how it appeared.


I somewhat found it really annoying cause for the starters it actually looks like ..Google is trying to pull up a Facebook style or Twitter thingy on the actual GMail. (which is kind of  first from Google, trying to copy others.. as far as i know??)
Hmm, for a moment almost a certain questions popped on an instant?
1. What is the use of such a utility in GMail ?
2.  Why is a there a need of Google acting like they are copying the idea from already successful and
3.  Last but not the least, what is the future of such a feature included in a MailBox ?

while searching for my answers, i found it really interesting to see how Google has now embedded this new Buzz into GMail and forced the users to actually create a Public or Private Google Profile as well. Which is, i don't think is a bad move at all.
Having a Google Profile is an awesome option for geeks like me who want to be easily discoverable on Google or around Internet. (Google, Gaurav Bagdi for an instance !! = ) )
  Okay so first answer goes like, the use of such a utility is pretty over-whelming when communicating with your friends who are added into your GMail account contacts section. They can actually see what is your status and either like it or comment on it (the same Facebook way!!), which is quite an interesting Addition to already feature rich GMail mailing website. For an example look at the screenshot below :


Above screenshot explains, how this thing actually works. And to make it work, you have to upload your PIC as well update or create a whole new Google Profile. Which is kind of cool.
Google is now following, Yahoos footstep as well with the profile thingy.
There is a new option added under compose mail - Buzz, if you can just take a look there.
 coming to Question number second, i really think its not that unhealthy to follow or use the same idea or method where shown some success in the past and been in the news continuously for quite sometimes. Its actually doesn't hurt anyone in doing so.On the top of it, it's called Being INSPIRED.

coming to the third question, an answer is quite a simple one. what was that?!? OMG, i deleted that file.
I will post that soon,as i recover my lost files. ;)

as of  now, i got the chance to try this new feature in GMail. Try it, and comment if you like it or any random thing without any hesitation.

P.S : i don't work for Google (i want to..), so comment on.

Ask me anything

Okay, so apple rolled out a Tablet/Reader/gaming console ?

As usual, whole  trolling around the web for something new just got myself up with this latest product Apple announced today.
no big deal ?! ohh, i actually said that. my mistake.
when i checked around about this product, and browsing a  few live webcasts the picture begun to take a specific shape about the product.Well, here we go. Apple calling this new product "iPad". Which is easily, can be used as a E-Reader. A Gaming device. A Tablet MAC pc actually. A social networking phenomenon.


Woah, that is something massive. according to some new sources, i eventually found out a little about the specifications of this device and tell you what. its HUGE !!

Let's start with the physical appearance first.
» a 9.7 inch IPS display, with full capacitance multi-touch (the same kind of touchscreen as the iPhone and iPod touch) *Droolsss .
»  It weighs around about 1.5lbs (680 grams).
»  and just give this a thought " half an inch thick (just under 7mm)" ? man, that be like some SEXY i mean.

Now comes the performance, Usability and connectivity 
»  Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "1GHz Apple A4" , that's what the brain inside this so-called Tablet which clearly indicates a great enhanced and fast performance is surely within the reach which may upset almost major number of Laptops and personal computer manufacturers.
»  Available soon in three variants - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
»  most importantly, Bluetooth 2.0 (with enhanced EDR)
» Wireless connectivity via Wi-fi N based ethernet inside.
» not to forget 3G (Third Generation) enabled tablet, which really complete and gracefully adds the charm into the core part of this device.
» Accelerometer,Ambient light sensor included.
» Digital compass, Assisted GPS. (if you loose your way)

Lifeline and other general features
»10 hours of battery back up which is slightly on and advantage note as compared to other netbooks in the market around which are offering around an 8 hours of battery back up leaving only a couple of them who just started to roll out a battery back up upto 10 hours.
» Standby Time, a Month.( Holy Crap, that's amazing.)
» support for all the existing iPhone applications
» access to the whole new iBook store which includes collaboration with some major publishers (e.g - McGraw hills etc.)
» support for iTunes music library.

well these are the main  features of this to be LAUNCHED device for general users. so, guess what are we waiting for? let me mail them and confirm when exactly are they rolling it out in the market domestic as well as international.


NexusOne in India - Unofficially !!

I don't know what is wrong with these people, knowingly how dynamic the growth in Indian Market is  they are still afraid of launching their products in here.
Its kind of letting down to at least, geeks like me who really  want to keep in sync with the latest offerings these people have got.

Same thing happened when last month, Google "The Giant" rolled out their own marketed Android O.S phone namely "NexusOne" and clearly indicated their mind about doing big in the smartphone industry.

I was so excited about this whole new product launched by Google and so wanted to try it out before anyone gets it. (you know that feeling to be the first to buy that  thing !! blah blah blah !)

Though, i was really disappointed that the handset was only launched in U.S markets and a specific part of E.U.
I was like, WTF ?

okay, that was then. now its been like almost a month and still there is no news where we "Us Indians" get the chance of getting our hands on this new offering google offered rest of the world.

Though, while  crawling through .. i came across an article which directed to an online shopping website , which .. on the front page of the site itself says "Buy Google NexusOne for 33k" !!
that was interesting ,i queried a few about the site and it really is a nice E-cart website with a good rapport with the customers.
However, still the problem be if anything happens with that ordered model. you got to ship it back to U.S and stuff which is surely gonna be the pain in the a**.

well, hope Google listen to this and might offer us the Next Big thing .. later this year 2010 itself.

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