New Twitter Feature - Local Trends

Well, there ain't a many occasions when i need to log into the Web Interface of to tweet and all.
That's kind of lame, ya know.
But, for some reason or two i lost my 3G signals on the phone and couldn't tweet this morning.
So,  i logged into the web user interface site of and when i was checking my tweets i found this rather strange pop-up mentioning about LOCAL TRENDS ?
And guess its another new feature added onto twitter this morning or maybe midnight or something, not sure.
But, it's really effective and give a personal touch to one's twitter page.
Where we can search the trending topic from our own region where we are in right now. That surely gonna help people to get up n sync with the up to dates about the Current Affairs and stuff within their own region rather then talking about the whole world.

Lets see how the response goes for this new option.
According to me, i give it 8/10 !!!


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