Google Gives up, walks out of china ?

I heard this news like a two days back , and now for a sudden thought i am like all buzzed.
I mean, hey .. this is not fair. well, i tell you one thing. Almost 7 out of 10 occasions i visit Google for my research, studies and other purposes. And, no wonder regardless of Chinese authorities and government the usual geeks and users would now have to pay for it.
Google is like a sea of knowledge, free resource, education and every little thing you can think of.
This could be a disaster for chinese think tank if they don't react to the issues raised and give acknowledge the points  raised affirmatively.
Google actually, pointed out a few hacking attacks made to the internet giant around holiday season last month itself. Also clarified, that hackers were trying to sneak into some GMail accounts of known human rights activists in China itself.

Clearly, Chinese government hasn't made any official comment but just telling people if wish to do business in china needs to obey the laws and BLAH BLAH BLAH !!
i understand the fact, being the largest communist country in the world is trying to make a difference but where is  the Right to Speech and Right to Information goes in this case ?

I admire China without any doubt. however, such a points are really making people like me to re-think on our views regarding the country.


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