Okay, so apple rolled out a Tablet/Reader/gaming console ?

As usual, whole  trolling around the web for something new just got myself up with this latest product Apple announced today.
no big deal ?! ohh, i actually said that. my mistake.
when i checked around about this product, and browsing a  few live webcasts the picture begun to take a specific shape about the product.Well, here we go. Apple calling this new product "iPad". Which is easily, can be used as a E-Reader. A Gaming device. A Tablet MAC pc actually. A social networking phenomenon.


Woah, that is something massive. according to some new sources, i eventually found out a little about the specifications of this device and tell you what. its HUGE !!

Let's start with the physical appearance first.
» a 9.7 inch IPS display, with full capacitance multi-touch (the same kind of touchscreen as the iPhone and iPod touch) *Droolsss .
»  It weighs around about 1.5lbs (680 grams).
»  and just give this a thought " half an inch thick (just under 7mm)" ? man, that be like some SEXY i mean.

Now comes the performance, Usability and connectivity 
»  Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "1GHz Apple A4" , that's what the brain inside this so-called Tablet which clearly indicates a great enhanced and fast performance is surely within the reach which may upset almost major number of Laptops and personal computer manufacturers.
»  Available soon in three variants - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
»  most importantly, Bluetooth 2.0 (with enhanced EDR)
» Wireless connectivity via Wi-fi N based ethernet inside.
» not to forget 3G (Third Generation) enabled tablet, which really complete and gracefully adds the charm into the core part of this device.
» Accelerometer,Ambient light sensor included.
» Digital compass, Assisted GPS. (if you loose your way)

Lifeline and other general features
»10 hours of battery back up which is slightly on and advantage note as compared to other netbooks in the market around which are offering around an 8 hours of battery back up leaving only a couple of them who just started to roll out a battery back up upto 10 hours.
» Standby Time, a Month.( Holy Crap, that's amazing.)
» support for all the existing iPhone applications
» access to the whole new iBook store which includes collaboration with some major publishers (e.g - McGraw hills etc.)
» support for iTunes music library.

well these are the main  features of this to be LAUNCHED device for general users. so, guess what are we waiting for? let me mail them and confirm when exactly are they rolling it out in the market domestic as well as international.


NexusOne in India - Unofficially !!

I don't know what is wrong with these people, knowingly how dynamic the growth in Indian Market is  they are still afraid of launching their products in here.
Its kind of letting down to at least, geeks like me who really  want to keep in sync with the latest offerings these people have got.

Same thing happened when last month, Google "The Giant" rolled out their own marketed Android O.S phone namely "NexusOne" and clearly indicated their mind about doing big in the smartphone industry.

I was so excited about this whole new product launched by Google and so wanted to try it out before anyone gets it. (you know that feeling to be the first to buy that  thing !! blah blah blah !)

Though, i was really disappointed that the handset was only launched in U.S markets and a specific part of E.U.
I was like, WTF ?

okay, that was then. now its been like almost a month and still there is no news where we "Us Indians" get the chance of getting our hands on this new offering google offered rest of the world.

Though, while  crawling through .. i came across an article which directed to an online shopping website 20north.com , which .. on the front page of the site itself says "Buy Google NexusOne for 33k" !!
that was interesting ,i queried a few about the site and it really is a nice E-cart website with a good rapport with the customers.
However, still the problem be if anything happens with that ordered model. you got to ship it back to U.S and stuff which is surely gonna be the pain in the a**.

well, hope Google listen to this and might offer us the Next Big thing .. later this year 2010 itself.


New Twitter Feature - Local Trends

Well, there ain't a many occasions when i need to log into the Web Interface of  Twitter.com to tweet and all.
That's kind of lame, ya know.
But, for some reason or two i lost my 3G signals on the phone and couldn't tweet this morning.
So,  i logged into the web user interface site of twitter.com and when i was checking my tweets i found this rather strange pop-up mentioning about LOCAL TRENDS ?
And guess its another new feature added onto twitter this morning or maybe midnight or something, not sure.
But, it's really effective and give a personal touch to one's twitter page.
Where we can search the trending topic from our own region where we are in right now. That surely gonna help people to get up n sync with the up to dates about the Current Affairs and stuff within their own region rather then talking about the whole world.

Lets see how the response goes for this new option.
According to me, i give it 8/10 !!!

Nokia offering Free Ovi Maps, Sounds Game

Woah !
this be amazing now.
Last night i was doing some emailing and stuff on my brand new Nokia E72. Later i realized i have to actually check for a firmware update because of some filthy bluetooth issue with my Motorola s9 music stream.
a very good portray of the problem i am facing is mentioned on official nokia discussion forums.

you can easily recognize me there, with the alias - Dr_Spinn.
well, regardless to that issue let me put some lights on the thing which i noticed. once i tried checking for the updates for firmware and stuff. I got an unusual Nokia OVI maps update available?
I said, huh ?! i just got the phone like a week or so back.
Nevertheless, i downloaded the update and found it quite interesting and interactive. With a new user home screen,Menu items.
Its Fun.
But, hey wait a minute? Show ain't over yet.
I checked out, and found that this GPS Nokia ovi Maps navigation is FREEEEE to use for life.Let me repeat myself there, its FREE totally.
And, i am one of those lucky consumers who brought this E72 phone which is by default in the first list of smartphones supported to this new OVI maps.
check it out, you all.


have fun.

Google Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's Day too

so this is the third Monday of the January month which reminds us of that great warrior/revolutionary/visionary/peacemaker (and don't know how many names are being given to him), that means in easy words its Martin Luther King's Day not to mention It is one of four United States federal holidays to commemorate an individual person.

I first got acquainted with this name when i was in like 8th standard of my schooling days. Then, i was forced  to read all about these amazing people which were "really no so amazing "  to learn and than give the examinations for the same. However, now i look back i thank the people who created such a crafted and awesome course for us people to learn something good.
Enough said, while surfing  today. Just saw google donning this Martin Luther King's Image with a flock of people. And i Loved it.

just wanted to wish you all, Happy Martin Luther King's Day !!! I can proudly say, he was the American Mahatma Gandhi to me at least.

A few of Martin Luther King's word :

"Trouble is in the land. Confusion all around. That's a strange statement. But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars. And I see God working in this period of the twentieth century in a way that men, in some strange way, are responding — something is happening in our world."


Blog Updated

Well, i been looking out for something appropriate for my Blog as far as the layout is concerned. Guess i just found something.
I am really loving this new theme which i updated my  blog with .
will be doing a few more changes around, a little bit.


Google Gives up, walks out of china ?

I heard this news like a two days back , and now for a sudden thought i am like all buzzed.
I mean, hey .. this is not fair. well, i tell you one thing. Almost 7 out of 10 occasions i visit Google for my research, studies and other purposes. And, no wonder regardless of Chinese authorities and government the usual geeks and users would now have to pay for it.
Google is like a sea of knowledge, free resource, education and every little thing you can think of.
This could be a disaster for chinese think tank if they don't react to the issues raised and give acknowledge the points  raised affirmatively.
Google actually, pointed out a few hacking attacks made to the internet giant around holiday season last month itself. Also clarified, that hackers were trying to sneak into some GMail accounts of known human rights activists in China itself.

Clearly, Chinese government hasn't made any official comment but just telling people if wish to do business in china needs to obey the laws and BLAH BLAH BLAH !!
i understand the fact, being the largest communist country in the world is trying to make a difference but where is  the Right to Speech and Right to Information goes in this case ?

I admire China without any doubt. however, such a points are really making people like me to re-think on our views regarding the country.

MTNL 3G Rocks


I seriously do not wish to make you guys jealous but am happy and proud enough to announce that i and a couple of  guys from my crew are the first primitive users of 3G connection in India provided by one of the Public Sector Communication Giant - MTNL .
The Dolphin 3G service  from MTNL is truly remarkable.
I mean, if a word can describe the service. it be, "Awesome". no kidding.
its been now, a couple of months we guys using the service and already moved by it quite a lot.
well, one of the main reasons why i updated my phone, to E 72. sighs !!!
if you are in Delhi/Mumbai, and haven't tested or tried this new 3G connection. Pal, you are missing something special here.
a video call using the 3G connection costs only a, .20p to me and my friends.
for more information, try logging on to the MTNL official website and check out the different plans.
and if you have a phone with HDSPA(High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is an enhanced 3G (third generation) mobile telephony communications protocol) feature, than you have the POWER.

For an example, in Nokia E72 i chose UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is one of the third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunications technologies.) as a network connection under connections options in the mobile itself.
Sounds GAME, ain't it?

However, i still wish that they could just do a little work to concentrate more on their customer service as well. Its Pathetic, for real i mean.

Words from a PROUD 3G USER in INDIA. : )

A New Phone, Giving Hard time already.

At last, after a hatious with Nokia Phones. I acutally brought one like a couple of days back and am already on a verge of getting disappointed again.
The Nokia E72, Business Phone. Its a treat for the people who needs on the go connectivity. However, i got a couple of issues already within a two days. am not sure, whats my future with this phone be like.

I posted my issue on Nokia Discussion forums, however the only solution i was given or prompted was to do a firmware update on it.
I spent like, whole of yesterday in doing so. nevertheless, ended up in re-flashing the same firmware all over again. I checked the official forums and found that the latest  version of the firmware is out, but not for certain countries yet.
i am seriously waiting for the firmware to be updated, than only i will be able to comment further on the phone.
Over and all, i find it a pretty neat and easy to user phone.
but, hey .. don't take it as a review  for the phone. I will post my experience within a couple of days completely.

A Random Introductory Post


Well, this is just an introductory post to my new blog. Hope to get going with some latest posts around in here.
As you already know, "Authentication Required" .. Weird name for a blog isn't it ?!
But that happens with us all the time, specially when we are trying to connect our wifi connection.

Just a GEEK, i am.

Keep in sync, for new and latest posts.

Have Wyfun (whyfy+fun.. weird right !!)

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