Guess, i'll be Back !

I know, it's been a while.
Year, the 2011 took me by surprise. And, the surprise is like neverEnding.
It's something like : I lost my Job, I had some problem. I got a new Job, then i lost the Job again. Now am doodling again, yes.
I mean, life couldn't be more predictable. Eh ?
What to say, right.
 " Life's a BITCH, but you gotta love it. "

(*Copyright by me, you may use this quote elsewhere or to boast about your reading skills online though a small credit to me won't make you look like a retard )
On that note, i am also working out on a new strategy to re-think on my brand "WebKetu" cause i still own that damn domain (Boo Yeah !)
so, hold up tight. Keep a watch, better remain in your shitholes and forking on your respective keyboards with your bleeding fingers.


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