Dell Studio 15 - homecoming !!!

                                             " I feel good. So So Good. "

these were the words came out of my mouth, when i received this new Studio 15 laptop which i ordered last month itself.
This surely is one of the most popular Laptop, at least in India. (Dell is one of the largest PC hardware manufacturer, Indeed)
So, this laptop runs on Intel Core i5 processor. Which is kind of a first for me. Intel just launched these processors last month in India. Reviews around the globe tells, it is a decent processor for a laptop. (Not that, i don't like it ..Jeez). This one has been named "Arrandale " by Intel Inc.
i went on for a 4GB DDR3 ram, instead of the orthodox 3Gb which was boxed with it. I made the changes in the configuration according to my needs and guess thats why i went for Dell over Toshiba. (no configuration option available in Toshiba, yet)

here are a few screenshots.
one running the game - Assassin's Creed. (amazing, huh ?)


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