the whole new definition to Google Mail, GMail Buzz

Well this was an expected feature from a long time now.
Google finally added some social networking into its classic and one of the most popular web mail service - GMail.
So, this morning when i was checking some mails on my google account as my phone wasn't connecting to 3G for some strange reason or two ? (Nokia E72 again, Grrrrrr !!). i found an interesting looking screen after logging into GMail, exactly after the authentication screen. I marked a screenshot, can take a look at the image below how it appeared.


I somewhat found it really annoying cause for the starters it actually looks like ..Google is trying to pull up a Facebook style or Twitter thingy on the actual GMail. (which is kind of  first from Google, trying to copy others.. as far as i know??)
Hmm, for a moment almost a certain questions popped on an instant?
1. What is the use of such a utility in GMail ?
2.  Why is a there a need of Google acting like they are copying the idea from already successful and
3.  Last but not the least, what is the future of such a feature included in a MailBox ?

while searching for my answers, i found it really interesting to see how Google has now embedded this new Buzz into GMail and forced the users to actually create a Public or Private Google Profile as well. Which is, i don't think is a bad move at all.
Having a Google Profile is an awesome option for geeks like me who want to be easily discoverable on Google or around Internet. (Google, Gaurav Bagdi for an instance !! = ) )
  Okay so first answer goes like, the use of such a utility is pretty over-whelming when communicating with your friends who are added into your GMail account contacts section. They can actually see what is your status and either like it or comment on it (the same Facebook way!!), which is quite an interesting Addition to already feature rich GMail mailing website. For an example look at the screenshot below :


Above screenshot explains, how this thing actually works. And to make it work, you have to upload your PIC as well update or create a whole new Google Profile. Which is kind of cool.
Google is now following, Yahoos footstep as well with the profile thingy.
There is a new option added under compose mail - Buzz, if you can just take a look there.
 coming to Question number second, i really think its not that unhealthy to follow or use the same idea or method where shown some success in the past and been in the news continuously for quite sometimes. Its actually doesn't hurt anyone in doing so.On the top of it, it's called Being INSPIRED.

coming to the third question, an answer is quite a simple one. what was that?!? OMG, i deleted that file.
I will post that soon,as i recover my lost files. ;)

as of  now, i got the chance to try this new feature in GMail. Try it, and comment if you like it or any random thing without any hesitation.

P.S : i don't work for Google (i want to..), so comment on.


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